Timers not posting in youtube chat

I just added 2 new timers and enabled an already existing that worked previously. Now all timers are not posting in the chat.

Hey @Daquan_Wizard!

Timers will only post in chat if there are people talking in your chat, starting at 2 messages sent over 5min, and keep in mind that if you set them to 20min for example they’ll post at xh00, xh20, and xh40.
See if it’s the issue here.

The chat had over 100 people talking and it was set to 10 or 15 lines. All the conditions for the timer to go through were met

If you’re still having issues with timers, it would be helpful for you to post more information so we can investigate (like the name of the timer, your channel id, and timestamps for when you were having issues within the past week).

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