Timers from old account showing?

Hey folks,

I renamed my channel a few months ago and I realised recently that an old timer is still broadcasting to my Twitch channel. Normally that wouldnt be a huge problem but it is also broadcasting a very old Twitter handle I used to use.

I log into the dashboard and checked the timers and there is no mention of it being an active broadcast. Its not even listed for me to disable. its not there.

Has this been brought up before?

Looks like your Twitter timer has an alias to use an old command. You should remove the alias if you want to use the timer message for the timer response.


I found the Alias and the command and deleted it. But now the same timer goes off saying something along the lines of ‘you need a to input a command to use this alias’ (Not exactly sure of the content but that particular timer is still running but with a different message since I deleted it)

How do I find/alter these aliases permanently?

You can edit the alias at the bottom of the timer prompt, removing it will just display the message your looking for.

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