Timers for longer intervall than 60 min

I’d like to set automated massages that have a longer cooldown than 60 minutes, but that is the maximum I can set. Also I would like an offset for those tiemrs so they son’t pop up multiple massages at once.
Also I would like automated massages at a specific Time of a dayly basis. Any way to get this working?

Messages will appear at the 60 minute mark of a time (every hour), this maximum cannot be exceeded, Currently there is no way to cycle different timers to appear at set times or to set them to a specific time. If you wish to have more control over timers you should look for another service as Nightbot’s are for a general use case.

It actually is possible to customize the interval to be whatever you want via our API, but it is not exposed in that fashion via our user interface because it’s not user friendly. If you are a developer or technically capable, you can set any cron format 5 minutes or greater via our API. Read more on the docs: https://api-docs.nightbot.tv/#timer-resource

Otherwise, unfortunately the UI is a bit too complicated to build for every use imaginable.

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