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Timers don't work consistently - twitch

Hey so this is an issue that i noticed for some time now and couldn’t really figure out why it happens. I have my timers set to 30 min/20 lines, and the timer goes off only sometimes (had 8 hour streams with a pretty active chat but the timer never went off).
I looked around here yet all the problems im seeing reported are on YouTube.
Would appreciate suggestions on the topic

A timer set to 30 mins, 20 lines would only trigger every 30 minutes if there has been 20 lines of chat in the 5 minutes prior to the timer executing. This behavior is explained in the control panel, but perhaps you missed it.

I see (I suppose I did miss it). The idea of the 20 lines is so it will not look spammy. Is there a way to get around this limitation?

If timers are not posting as frequently as you wish, you should consider lowering the line requirement.