Timers are not working

Timers are not working at all…

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Double check that the message interval is set to 2, this means Nightbot needs 2 messages in the span of 5 minutes before posting the message. It’s used to prevent spamming an empty channel.

Nope they are not working. I have a total of 6 24/7 music streams going and I’ve been watching and trying to get them working, but they are NOT working. I wish Nightbot had options to join specific streams… so I can have different timers for my different streams but… nope… and guess it doesn’t matter when timers literally are not working at all. Sometimes they work for a few hours then then just stop and don’t show. I know how the settings work, so don’t say it’s the timer’s settings.


Timers seem to be working fine on Twitch. If your using YouTube, they might have been marked as spam by YouTube and are hidden from view. .

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