Timer to activate with no chatters

Ok, so, I’m a fairly new streamer on twitch, and, since I don’t get many viewers very quickly, my chat is fairly quiet. I would like nightbot to pop up a message every now and then if no one is chatting, to remind them that I won’t be talking to an empty room, so say hi and get me talking. I have made that timer in nightbot, however, the auto message doesn’t pop up until there has been some messages already, which defeats the purpose of this specific timer. I have the chat lines set to 2, and the interval set to every 15 mins.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks :nerd_face:

Nightbot timers require some activity in chat. This is to both prevent abuse from users, and also so that the chat doesn’t end up being filled with just nightbot and nothing else. There is no way around this limitation.

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