Timer that writes messages from list?

Currently the channel I manage has 8 different text messages that we like for Nightbot to post at regular intervals.

However, the way the timer is made seems to make this a bit hard, unless I have misunderstood something.

Say I want to have 8 different chat messages from Nightbot, with 5 minutes interval.
Is there any way to do this?

Could I have Nightbot cycle through a list of messages somehow?

Thanks for the help.


Sorry but Nightbot doesn’t offer this kind of functionality. You can set different timers to occur at different times which might have the effect your looking for on a lower scale…

Thanks for the reply.

I wouldn’t mind to much if I could set specific times, and not repeating within the hour times. So if I could say message “X” at xx:15, “Y” at xx:30 and “Z” at xx:45, that would be fine.

But if i ask it for 15, it will repeat every 15 minutes , and hit at the same times at the two others as well correct?

How do others solve this problem, am I just going about it wrong?

Our timers operate on cron syntax, so if you use our API you can specify specific times for execution in cron syntax. Unfortunately because cron is not user-friendly, we do not expose the raw syntax for editing via our website.

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