Timer still Showing Despite Being Deleted

Running into an issue with Nightbot timers where I have deleted a timer, but it still shows up in the chat. Checking through and not seeing any other custom command related to this or other timers.

Is this still an issue? If so can you provide what command or text is appearing in your chat?

Yeah this is still happening. Here is the text appearing in chat:

Want to help us out with the pot? Come and send some love over at link

Were no commands set to link to this prior to being deleted.

Apologies, forgot to ask if this was in your channel or someone else’s? A channel name or link would help.

This is for someone else’s channel. Channel name is JWonggg. Sorry will not let me post a link.

I found an enabled timer with this text in the timers menu and have disabled it.

As a general reference the timer name (in this case !match) has no real significance and cannot be used like a command in chat. It’s use is to simply remind you what a timer does.

Thank you for checking that. He had mentioend he checked this prior and it was no longer there. However I am currently viewing his and just saw that time display again in the chat:

Just checking in, are you still seeing phantom timer messages? I checked the channel’s configuration and no longer see this timer in the list of timers. I assume this is now resolved?

Yes the issue has been resolved. They had another timer that was associated to this and once deleted that worked. Thank you again for the help.

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