Timer not processing all of aliased custom command

I am attempting to get NightBot to run a custom command via timer. If I use the command in my Twitch chat it works like it should, but when the timer calls it only the first message is displayed and the rest doesn’t show up.

Here is the command code I am using:
$(urlfetch https://vxrl.xyz/smm/Welcome%20to%20the%20stream!%20%20You%20can%20find%20me%20on%20the%20SM%20sites%20below!/YouTube%3A%20tinyurl.com%2FLMPYT/Twitch%3A%20tinyurl.com%2FLMPTwch/Twitter%3A%20tinyurl.com%2FLMPTwit/Pateron%3A%20tinyurl.com%2FLMPPat?i=5000&d=1)

It should display this in my chat:
Nightbot: Welcome to the stream! You can find me on the SM sites below!
Nightbot: YouTube: tinyurl.com/LMPYT
Nightbot: Twitch: tinyurl.com/LMPTwch
Nightbot: Twitter: tinyurl.com/LMPTwit
Nightbot: Pateron: tinyurl.com/LMPPat

But just the first “welcome” message is displayed when it is called from the timer.

Hey @Geowil!

After some testing, it seems like it’s not possible.
What I think happens is that Nightbot’s API for sending multiple message only works with classic messages, but not with timers as they are treated differently.

It looks like there was a bug with the response URL header Nightbot was providing when called from a timer. This should be fixed.

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