Timer for Nightbot not working!

MY TIMERES ARENT WORKING. I have a timer set for every 5 mins and at minimum of 2 chat lines. i streamed for 2 hours, and at least had 10-15 chat lines for every 5 mins. Im not sure what to do, and i really want to be able to utilize Nightbot while streaming to YouTube.

Any elp is appreciated,

+1 Here, since 5 days all my timer didn’t work anymore. With absolutely no reason, I didn’t change anything.


What platform do you stream on? If you’re on YouTube then that may be why. They seem to enact spam protection even on mods, and repeated messages from Nightbot may be blocked. Otherwise, our logs are reporting timers as operating normally.

Nop, on twitch. The bot worked again for like 3 day, and since yesterday evening he didn’t show timer anymore.

Unfortunately our logs are reporting timers running successfully. Unless you have proof of it not working I’m fairly positive it’s a misconfiguration on your end.

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