Timer commands not working

I am working with nightbot for the first time and am trying to get a timer command to pop up so I can test the timer’s message since it has a link. I did mod nightbot and I have disabled my other bot (wizebot) so it does’t think I’m trying to pull off it it’s list and it’s still not coming up thru nightbot

Hey @sly_fox002!

I highlighted the important parts people don’t usually read:

If this doesn’t answer your question, give us more details.

I did read them. I was trying to use the Alias command so it could be called up and test it.

If you mean you aliased the timer that is not something that you can do.

Then how am I supposed to test my chat? I don’t go live till tomorrow and I don’t think I will get enough people to try it out.

You could put it into a normal command and just call that or you could lower the interval and chat lines.

Here’s how to set up your timer if you want to use an alias command:

Then to test it, if you selected the interval to be 15 minutes, go in your chat maximum 5 minutes before the timer is due: h:55, h:10, h:25, or h:40, and send the chat lines amount required, in my example that means at least 2 messages.

Okay, so I can have the alias ability to call up the command text to a specific command? I’m wanting to be able to have a timer that is also the same that I can do a command as a shortcut to it for when its on cooldown.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean, took me a good 15 minutes and some external help to decipher your message, so hopefully my answer will be what you’re looking for…

If what you mean is that you want to be able to call the command outside of the timer, you can! Using a command as an alias for a timer, or another command, doesn’t prevent you from using the command by itself.

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