This is about downloading CLR browser

I installed Clr Browser for OBS so i can have twitch alerts on my stream when someone followed…
I installed it all, but still does not show up in my OBS, Can you help me with this?


Make sure that you installed the correct version x86 vs x64. If you’ve installed obs to a different directory than the default you will have to manually copy the files. Lastly make sure you’re launching the version of OBS that you installed the plugin for. If none of this helps we can move on from there.

Okay, lets work on this then :smile:
When i open the folder: Clrbrowser4_repack, it contains of ClrBrowser4, Dotnet, Vcredits, Install, License, Readme…
Ive installed it 2 times now to check if it works, restart my computer 4 times but it still doesnt work…
Via the video i looked at i should rightclick in Sources on obs, and then ADD and it would contain ClrBrowser, and then it all should work… But in obs sources, Clrbrowser is not there.? can you help me with that?

You may need to downgrade OBS if you’re using the most recent version as mentioned here

I downgraded it but Clrbrowser still doesnt pop up in Sources

If it doesn’t show in source then it isn’t installed. Run the CLR Browser installer linked on our alert page. If there’s an error, it will say so in the black command prompt window that pops up.

ive followed every step in the youtube link how to install crl browser, for the 3th time, but it still wont show up in sources. your telling me about a CLR Browser installer linked on your alert page, could you send me a link of it please

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