There´s no sound on songs put on my stream

hi there
my problem when i´m streaming on twitch and i try put some music
it said the music its playing but there´s no sound on the stream and the volume its like half percent
the game sound perfect but no the music
is there something that i need to use or is something wrong?

Your streaming software needs to be configured to pick up nightbot’s music, nightbot cannot magically add the music to your stream

I’ve got the same problem here. There’s not very clear instructions on how to get the autodj to play in OBS as an audio source. I’ve looked everywhere and found nothing.

That’s because you don’t generally use an audio source. In your obs settings you have it set to pick up your desktop audio or wherever your sound is coming from, which nightbot will output to. This is more of an obs thing, that’s why there are no instructions. Nightbot just outputs sounds, it’s up to the streaming software to pick it up

Found my solution. OBS on OS X doesn’t automatically capture desktop audio so you need an extension like this:

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