The songrequest of only ONE user are getting ignored

Hey guys.

we have 1 viewer in chat who can use ALL commands. But if she is using !songrequest or !sr the bot is not responding and not taking the video into the queue.

Interesting is that, if she is using the command with only the ID of the video and not the whole link, it works. also if she is mod it is working

no spam-protection or something similar is active.

Double check that all the userlevels for both AutoDJ and the !songs command are set correctly. For Youtube Gaming, I believe links are blocked so using the video ID or using a search term is required.

I checked this more than two times. Also it works for everyone else, so this cannot be the problem.

I also tried to add the user as regular but this has not changed.
Also the problem does not seem to be the link/video itself, since other users are just copy pasting her request to add it.
I also checked if there is an invisible character or stuff like this, but it looks fine.

Nightbot can’t ignore users in any service that I know of. I’ve never seen or been able to reproduce anything of this nature.

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