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The servers are Always busy


You guys work with twitch directly don’t deny it because you guys have the only service for downloading vods and twitch has limited everyone else why don’t you talk to them about getting more funding after all you guys use adds to pay for certain things i understand this service is free and there are only like what 10-11 spots available but again you work with twitch but this complicates things or is there another service that i am not aware of


We don’t work with Twitch, so I’m not sure what you mean. TwitchDown is owned solely by NightDev, LLC, and is not affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc. nor Inc.


Hi. I have been getting the busy message a lot, which I understand. However, when I do get the green banner that says “downloading” it has not been downloading anything. It just hangs at 0%, without ever moving. Any suggestions for this? Thank you.

This is the error I got when I finally got it to move a bit…
Job Error

There was an error running this download job. If this error persists, please contact NightDev Support and reference video ID “v55945099”


Your download job was cancelled because you appeared to leave the page early. You must remain on the download page for it to continue downloading. You might try disabling your adblocker and other extensions, since they may be causing API requests to fail.


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