The same function as !title and omitting the value without changing

So I am trying to make a command that basically works the same way as the basic command !title

Does anyone know how the command is written?

What I’m trying to do here is for example: !champion

When this command is used it should just omit the value of what the champion has been set and without changing the values.

The command would be something like this !champion The current Champion is: $(touser) with $(2) kills!

whereas the command would be used like this !champion psylence 3
Which would result to "The current champion is: Psylence with 3 kills!
The problem here is if i simply just type !champion to see the current value, it resets everything, so is there a way to call a command just to see its value?

No, you’ll need 2 commands, one to set it’s value, and one to call the value.

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