The new 30 second fade

While it is nifty, and I can understand why it was implemented. But I host a smaller stream and I don’t have enough chat to constantly fill my chat cutout.

Can we please make this be an option?

Second this. I’m not sure why the auto-fade out was needed in the first place? Twitch is already deleting our past broadcasts, do we need our past discussion more than 30 seconds ago to be auto-deleted as well?

It looks nifty and all, but I would rather the text stay in its entirety like it was before, pre-3.0, because whenever chat dies down a bit or if the stream is just too small to begin with, it would appear as if no one ever said anything for the duration of the cast; and an empty chat on screen just discourages people from chatting, making the situation worse. If anything, 30 seconds is way too quick because the message would’ve disappeared before I’m even finished responding to it. I think having this as an option would be great for whoever want this auto-fade out feature - but I’d rather use OBSchat the way it was before this update.


Just found this plugin and it is great, but I really wish the chat didn’t fade…

I’m really disliking the 30 second fade. I find it very annoying and distracting. I would love a way to turn it off.

It’s been disabled for now.

Appreciate it night. I definitely understand why you implemented it, and the animations were all set right. It’s just for smaller streamers it makes us look like no one bothers talking. I would say make it an option, and have the user set how long it would take for a message to fade. Something along those lines would be awesome.

Thank you for disabling this for now, Night! It was quite frustrating today when all my chat disappeared constantly…