The followage command doesnt work for me

When I try to use a followage command on any channel Nightbot says “Remote Server Returned Code 400” instead of showing how long I’ve followed them. The command seems to be working for other people though. Help plx

“followage” is not a default command. It is a custom command that was added to your channel, so whether or not it works depends on what API the command uses. That error indicates that the API your command uses is not working currently.

This followage API has always worked for me:

$(urlfetch$(querystring $(touser))&channel=$(querystring $(channel))&format=mwdhms)

That’s not the problem. The problem is that whenever I try to use the command on someone else’s channel that has the command it doesn’t work for me. It works for other people on that channel.

Do you have nonstandard characters in your Twitch name? If so, the followage command for that channel may not be properly encoding URL parameters with Nightbot’s querystring variable.

Oh I’m guessing that’s it then. My twitch display name is in Korean.

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