"The alias you set this command to be of does not exist."

We get this message today during the stream when a timer runs:

"The alias you set this command to be of, !, does not exist. "

(instead of the timer message)

Also this message is confusing, it is stating commands, but they are timers, no commands. None of the timers use an Alias, so we do not know what the issue is. Also no one seemed to have changed the configuration of the bot.

What could cause this issue?

One further info, one of the timers showed in the error message the command !currentgame to be the issue, which isn’t used on nightbot at all. There is no !currentgame mentioned neither in the text of the command, nor in the alias (which is empty) nor is this command on the command list of nightbot. But the error message still mentions it…

If you edit the timers at https://beta.nightbot.tv/timers you can see you or someone else added commands that do not exist in the “Alias” field. If you set the alias field, when the timer executes it will try to run the alias, not print the message.

Hey night! Thank you for your quick response :slight_smile:

And sorry if I do not understand something correctly in the first place, English isn’t my native language but I am trying my best!

Now here is the thing… none of the four active timers has set an Alias. That is why we all found it very confusing, when Nightbot tried to run two of them at 1.05 and 1.06 AM PDT or 4.05 and 4.06 AM EDT. (edited because times were wrong) It did not run any timers later during that stream, as the chat activity wasn’t high enough for that. But those two threw that mentioned error message, although they have no Alias in their setup. (The field is empty, showing a gray coloured !commercial alias as example)

I checked the database and nobody has “!currentgame” set as an alias for timers, so someone else who manages the channel may have removed them before you did. You might want to double check with the rest of the managers to see if that’s the case.

Hey night! Thanks for checking. As the channel is currently empty, I just lowered the chat lines and interval for one of the timers to the lowest values, and tested if the error message still pops up. The timer ran perfectly this time. And that is all we wanted - No commands that will fire up the timer message, no Alias connected with the timer, just the timer running at the specified time giving out a fixed text without variables. Except that the text output of the timer had been changed, there haven’t been any other changes before the stream.

So I guess - it will remain a mystery why we got the error messages earlier when the stream was running.

But however - thanks for investigating - and let me tell you that I love your twitch services, Nightbot and BTTV especially :slight_smile:

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