Text2Speech Male & Female choice is the same

Hey. I’m having an issue with the Streamtip alerter’s text2speech configuration.

The problem/bug is that is simply the male and female voice choice is exactly the same. (Microsoft Anna?)

Considering the choice is there this isn’t intentional right? Was hoping for some options.

We are using the built in tts, mac comes with both male and female voices. If the male and female voices are the same then your computer doesn’t have the other voice installed. Depending on your version of windows you may or may not be able to get the other voice option.

To add onto Polecat’s response, only Windows 8+ has male and female voices.

Alright thanks for the responses. Yeah I’m using Windows 7 which I guess is the prob.

By default I believe it only does come with “Microsoft Anna” which seems to be what I’m getting with the alerter, yet I actually do have other voices working in the built in windows narrator… just I see no way to pick them in the alerter with the only options being Male/Female which just gives me the same default in the end.

Unfortunately we rely on the native Windows API to return a voice with a given gender. Only Windows 8 allows the use of a male voice via their API, and you should consider upgrading to Windows 8+ if you wish to use it.

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