Text to Speech not filtering repeats

hey all,
The text to speech filter in the new program isn’t filtering out messages with repeats, and the box is checked.
Specifically ‘wwwwwwww’ type messages, are still getting through.
I was wondering if there’s anything I can do to block this, besides adding in every combination of 'w’s into my profanity filter.
Everything else in Text To Speech works pretty well for me! Thanks for having it!
Thanks so much.

This is indeed a known bug with 0.2.1 and has been fixed in the yet-to-be-released 0.2.2. We will most likely release 0.2.2 later today, since there haven’t been any further bugs with 0.2.1.

Fantastic to hear! Thank you so much.

Version 0.2.2 has been released, which fixes the bug with the text-to-speech filter. If you spot any other issues, don’t hesitate to make a post.


Just got it and tested it, still let in a few W’s but I think it stops out at 4 or 5, which is all good on my book. Thank you guys!

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