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Teak’s !HowLong Following Nightbot Command


here’s something else just to make it a little more simple. just change both of the “USERNAME” sections to $(channel)
just makes it so that there is no editing required of the custom Command


i must be pretty dumb hahahah… were do i type this info and what would i write if my channel name is niitro89? thanks guys love the idea of this command


You type this command directly into twitch chat and it should work:

!addcom !howlong $(touser) Has Been Following $(channel) On Twitch Since $(customapi$(channel)&user=$(touser))

$(channel) is replaced with the channel name wherever it is ran

$(touser) is replaced with whatever name is used immediately after the command and defaults to the person who ran it if none is provided.

If you want it to be restricted to a certain userlevel you would add -ul=[userlevel] after !howlong


Do I use this as the command or in the message part?? Also is this the one for the time added not the date? Thanks


As i said:

so just copy paste what i wrote into twitch chat and it will work. Alternatively, if you are in the nightbot panel you can name it !howlong or whatever you want to call it, then paste this part in the message field:

$(touser) Has Been Following $(channel) On Twitch Since $(customapi$(channel)&user=$(touser))

This one is just for dates i believe, not time since.


Is there an option to show the “total” time an users has been following a channel if the user unfollowed the channel by mistake a sec and then refollowed it.
I mean, there is an option/command to add the “1st” followtime and “2nd” followtime and show the total?



Twitch doesn’t store how many times you follow a channel so this isn’t possible.


does not work for me i just get the reply not following for any that uses it.


TURNS OUT if you just post this it works perfect i was doing as stated and changing username when infact this works $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=monthday)


Tried all these and it wasn’t working. Finally got it to WORK!! This works for sure guys just copy this and put it in your chat, real talk. All you need to do is change TWITCHUSERNAME with the Twitch Channel you are wanting the command in. Here’s what you copy… !addcom -ul=mod !howlong $(customapi $(touser))


THANK YOU! THIS WORKED AND THE STUFF ABOVE DID NOT! I dont know why it didn’t work, but the api in this article did not work.


Anyway to have the following command ignore the @ symbol when typing someone’s name to be checked on how long they have been following (i.e. “!howlong @username”). If not, I understand, the command is awesome that it just understands to use the command issuers name if no name is provided.


How create command, which shows how long viewer has been following to my channel and so that it outputs not 2017/02/06, but 1 years 2 month.
When i use this link$(touser)&user=$(touser)) as a result output i have : Please update this API to:[2].
Please tell me what i do wrong and how to do it correctly


This will output what you’re looking for:

!commands add !followage $(touser) has been following $(channel) for $(urlfetch$(channel)/followers/$(touser)?format=[2])


This is what i get when using the command. Please help. I’ve tried the first command but i wanted to keep it in the text form n not numbers.


The main command in this post is no longer maintained please use this post instead.


What type of command does this have to do?


!commands add !followsince $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=ymwd)

Simply copy and paste this in your chat to add the command.


Command don’t work.
Error connecting to remote server.


Make sure you don’t already have a !followsince command on your channel using a different api by typing !commands delete !followsince

Then try and copy-paste the command I posted above into your chat and it should work.