!tags command not working

The NightBot !tags command doesn’t seem to be working for me – in my channel or channels for which I mod. It neither shows current tags nor lets me change the tags. Is this command working for others?

Twitch introduced tags on September 26, 2018. They didn’t add them to the Twitch API until January 13, 2019. On January 16, 2020 someone pointed out on this forum that the Twitch API now includes tags. The NightBot developer added a !tags command on January 25, 2020.

Hey @chuckmoulton!

Make sure the !tags command is enabled in the default commands.

Thank you! It was not enabled. I enabled it and that helped.

The !tags command now shows current tags and supposedly allows me to set tags. However, the current tags shown by the !tags command do not match the tags shown on my stream (even after reloads). Additionally, when I set tags using exactly the same names from the list, sometimes it sets it to a completely different tag or says the tag does not exist.

Hmm, it’s possible it goes back to the time Twitch updated a bunch of “games” and tags… Not sure what we can do about this.

I have the same problem, but the !tags command says its enabled. Do you know why its not working?

Hey @Island!

If !tags isn’t working despite being enabled, have a look at the Options and make sure the Userlevel is set to Moderator.

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