Tag multiple random people in chat

Using Nightbot and just wondering if there is a command similar to !commands add !slap $(user) has slapped $(urlfetch http://2g.be/twitch/randomviewer.php?channel=$(channel)). BUT will let me tag multiple random viewers in the channel instead of just one random viewer.

@Jondiaz021 You can copy and paste the $(urlfetch) variable as many times as you need in your command response (or until you hit the 500 character response limit). But I guess you don’t want Nightbot to repeat names, so copy and paste this into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !slap $(user) has slapped $(eval a=JSON.parse(`$(urlfetch json http://tmi.twitch.tv/group/user/$(channel)/chatters)`).chatters;b=a.moderators.concat(a.staff,a.admins,a.global_mods,a.viewers);c=decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`);if(c==``){d=1;}else{e=parseInt(c);if(e!=NaN&&e>0&&e<=b.length){d=e;}else{d=1;}}f="";for(i=0;i<d;i++){g=Math.floor(Math.random()*b.length);f+=b[g];b.splice(g,1);}f).

How to use this command:

!slap [number of users you want to tag]

If you don’t specify a number OR if the number is larger than your channel’s viewer list, the number of users defaults to 1.

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