Tab-completing a name automatically adds an "@"

Since the latest update, tab-completing a name automatically adds an “@”. I would like to have an option to turn it off, since it makes it useless when you try to tab-complete names in a command. here is an example .

Thanks in advance

i agree, this is an outrage and a absurdity. It feels like a step backwards. An option to remove the '@" would make alot of us in bjoc very happy. please make this happen, night.

Calling it an “outrage” and an “absurdity” is a large overstatement in and of itself. The main thing is that it just isn’t intuitive. It follows twitch’s standard (of being able to ping non-bttv users) and the main thing that we should have done is allowed an option to disable it from the start, but there will be one coming.

As @xgerhard posted though, this is an issues on the github, it was talked about a bit last night with some people for and against it (personally im against it)

I like that it was added but you should have kept in mind how it affects many Nightbot commands that use the $(touser) variable, it breaks many commands that use the variable as a parameter for url queries if the site can’t deal with the @ symbol.

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