System votation nightbot 4.0

Hi, I want to place an order, I have a very serious problem in a channel of a friend, he usually takes 800 views, the channel it we direct did one arena system with chat people, where they chose the letters, and this joke wore the old voting system nightbot 3.0, I had already sent a ticket before asking for that you put the old voting system, which was the same chat, if you can put that old system only on their channel, or change again globally even, I would greatly appreciate it, I who normally did it to him in chat, and now all the chat and he is upset about it. [ CHANNEL = HearthstoneNess ] ( if you do not understand anything of what I said, or not understood right, pass your skype I ask to explain the situation in English )

If enough people request us to re-add vote-to-skip into the song requests system we will take it under consideration. Unfortunately very few channels were taking advantage of the system, so we did not invest time in creating it in the new version.

how many people you need? because the whole stream it wants, 800 people more or less

By people I am referring to channels, not to viewers. Very few channels were using the system, so unless many want this type of system it doesn’t make sense to add it.

ok, there can only put in a specific channel? or it will be too much work for little? it would be nice to already make up some other channel ask :confused:

I would definitely take advantage of this feature, especially if there were a timer that can be set for the command, that way it is not spammed in larger streams.

made an account just to agree. you can remove songs in the queue, but if its the first song or just a troll song, you can always skip it from hotkeys built into it, but a lot of the people moderating the stream would like more control over things, especially the skip since im pretty sure a lot of people enjoy abusing song request. gives em more stuff to do and agree/disagree on. idk, just agreeing, but where do we go to support this to improve?

Moderators have the ability to skip songs… Refer to the !songs command documentation: !songs - Nightbot Docs

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