Sync Twitch roles in discord

I want to use nightbot to sync the regular and subscribers roles from twitch into my discord account. But it doesnt work, I have created 2 different roles in discord to sync with twitch followers and subscribers and set it up in nightbot integrations. But it does not work… Why is this happening?

Nightbot’s role sync will only handle Twitch Moderators and Regulars (not followers). To handle Subscribers you should use Discord’s built-in integration.

And is there a command to add all my followers to regulars automatically? It would be really helpful. Thanks!

You can manually add followers’ usernames to the regulars list through the dashboard:

You can also do this via the !regulars command in chat.

I know, but I can only add them one by one. I would like to know if it could be possible to add all of them at a time with just one command or something like that :slight_smile:

Sorry, as far as I know you can’t add multiple usernames to that list at a time.

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