Supporting nightbot as a moderator for a streamer's dash?

So I’m a moderator/editor for my buddy’s nightbot dash. He has his account, I have mine. I’m allowed to work on his dash (using my account) because he added me as a mod. Recently we’ve been running out of commands and I’d love to support nightbot to receive the donation perks (unlimited commands).

My main question is, if I’m signed in on my account and using the user switch to work on my buddy’s dashboard, does donating to you guys give him the perks? Because that is the end goal I would like to have happen.

Thanks a bunch. Y’all do some really cool shit.

If you are using the non-beta version of Nightbot, this is possible. In the beta version of Nightbot, this is no longer possible. We will explore the idea of “gifting” these perks to other channels when the beta ends.