SupportHelpPlease - Nightbot Twitch Channel Issue - Read Below For More Info

Whenever i tell nightbot to part channel it says it parts. I will then unmod nightbot, somtimes before having it part… but even after waiting days and days while looking at my twitch viewers list, nighbot is always there( not modded )… i even went ot my account settings and disabled my account, nightbot still never left my viewers list… although the commands do not work, nightbot is still there… i have to admit i have a little ocd (i mean c’mon we all do ) and this problem annoys me quite a bit… I hope someone is able to fix this as i freqeuntly switch between nightbot and moobot, but having them both there is not appealing. Please help if able thx so much!

As a follow up and just to clarify… i do not plan on ditching nighbot. i simply switch between different bots depending on whats going on… i guess it woul not be horrible to let it be in my list all the time…

noo need to reply anymore, you can now disreagrd this thread srry!

This is a bug on Twitch’s Viewlist, if Nightbot isn’t logging your chat at then it is no longer in your channel for future reference. If the log is showing recent messages then let us know as Nightbot may not be parting correctly.

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