Support for third party chat

Hi, Is it even possible to have Nightbot join or send/receive messages to/from a third party chat service? I have the oAuth2 flow working so users can authorize Nightbot. But what I need to do now is have Nightbot somehow connect to the chat. like it would for twitch for example. Is that even possible?

If you have some way to send messages in the chat via a GET/PUT request to a link then yes. And to receive messages it would require some way of reading the messages too. However if not then the answer is no unless support is added in the future for said service

Looking at the api docs I can’t find any way to send messages from my chat to nightbot. Do you know of any endpoints for that?

Well most likely you would have to create a nightbot application and store it via some other means and have that api send the messages through nightbot. If however you are referring to what service you are using you should contact their support to see if there is a chat read option.

The service I’m referring to does have a chat read option. I do have a nightbot application. What I’m wondering is how do I pass the messages from chat to nightbot once I read them.

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