Support for new Stream Markers feature?


Twitch recently introduced the Stream Markers feature. Are there any plans to add this as a default command or allow it to be set up through a custom command? Would be nice for mods to be able to do this, but not too keen on giving them editor rights just for this command.

As of I know I don’t believe Twitch as added an API for this feature, so we have no way to add events.

They support chat commands. I whitelisted /marker on Nightbot so it can be used.

Hey guys, thanks fot the answers. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work, but I’m not sure why.

  • I’ve set up a command “!marker” with the message “/marker”. Can only be used my moderators. When a moderator is using the command, there is no error message in the chat anymore, that system commands are not allowed, but the markers aren’t set when using it
  • nightbot is added as a moderator on the channel
  • nightbot is added as an editor on the channel

That should be all the necessary steps. I set up another test command for mods only that is doing a /me command, which is working perfectly fine, so it’s not a general problem. Any chance you could look into it again?

/marker isn’t technically a chat command, it uses GQL through the frontend, it’s not something that can currently be sent through bots either. (Unless you get the bot to send the GQL request, which only the bot owner can do as it requires a 1st party token.)

Ah. In that case it’s not something we can build. Twitch doesn’t have markers in their official API, and GQL is not documented or supported for third party use. You would need to request this as a feature to Twitch.

RiP dreams. Thanks for the efforts though.

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