Superchat privs

This is specific to YouTube chat. I would like to request a feature where certain commands can be classified to only be run for chat users with an active superchat. So this would be like a new privilege level for a command to allow it to be used only by those users who posted a superchat and that superchat hasn’t yet expired. I have verified the information is available in the YouTUbe chat API so it is doable, I just need to convince NightBot devs to add it :smile:

Thank you.

This is not really easy to do with how Nightbot parses chat. Chat is stateless on Nightbot, which means it only knows what it is processing at time of the message. It knows a user is a moderator when they send a message because YouTube tells us in that message that the user is a moderator. The same goes for sponsors.

Super chats do not enable a flag on messages a user sends, so we would need to build an entire system for tracking state of super chat messages. Unfortunately that’s fairly out of scope.

I captured the chat in a test. The superchat info is there for a chat message which includes initial time-stamp of when it was purchased with the amount and level. Yes, it would require some changes to nightbot to track the duration that the privilege level remains active based on that time-stamp and level. The thing is, it’s a revenue stream so a feature like this could warrant a valid fee based feature in Nightbot.

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