Suggestions / Problem

Hey, Options !psn and !game not work - There is also no option !bf1 and !Cod (BO3).
In the settings !title and !game, you should choose moderators who can change them.
Will there ever be an option to connect nightbot with ?
Thx :wink:

To set the game, you would type !game Battlefield 1 or whatever game you want

And all moderators can change the game and title. If you don’t trust them with the power, no point in modding them.

No probably not, but you are more than welcome to implement it through Nightbot’s API.

!game Battlefield 1 = “Unfortunately youtube does not support retrieval/setting of stream game at this time.” :confused:

It sort of spells it out for you right there, youtube doesn’t allow the retrieval and setting of the stream game at the moment.

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