Suggestion: Notification Alignment Option

I have been using BTTV for quite some time now and something I’ve found hard to get used to is the position of the pop-up notifications. They are currently aligned to the bottom right, above the chat input box and I would prefer it to appear on the opposite side where it would cover mostly a grey and empty area.

While thinking about how to execute this I realized the notification could potentially cover part of the video instead, or more importantly the basic video controls. So in addition to the alignment suggestion I think it would be wise to consider redesigning the notification box, making it smaller and removing the instructions.

On the right side we have the current notification box, and on the left is an example of what I had in mind.

These notification could interfere with other website’s layouts by having them on the left side, which is why giving users the option to align it to either side would be a good idea.

Thank you for reading.

Those notifications are Google Chrome’s and we don’t have the ability to control the position the appear in. On OSX, they appear in the upper-right, and on Windows the lower-right.

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