Suggestion: Client-side sub only mode

Essentially, this would be a boolean option to toggle whether or not non-sub messages are displayed in the chat.

Some people may want to view a chat room that is in non-sub mode while filtering out the “spam” from the non-subs.

Edit Also, is there a Git anywhere to submit pull requests? Would be fun to make some modifications to make suggestions easier :smiley:

I personally would like to see an option such as this, along with many other chat options. A whole host of chat filtering/highlighting options are planned, once we have a proper chat settings interface (instead of the blocking browser popups currently used).

Sadly, at the moment, I and most other devs are preoccupied with other projects. BTTV is not really seeing anything but bug fixes. The Github repo is here. (Keep in mind, any new features would have to be looked over and approved by night.)

i might be overthinking this or misunderstanding but isn’t


what you guys are talking about? those work now.

These have been in BetterTTV for a while…

huzzah good stuff.
thanks night