Suggesting a new user level


I’m new to using Nightbot and love it so far, so thanks for that!

There is however something that i feel would be useful, and im sure im not the only one who thinks so.

A userlevel that is lower than “Everyone”, to use as a “soft ban”, of sorts. I want everyone to be able to request songs when i have songrequests enabled, but i also want the option to NOT let specific users request if they tend to just goof around with it.

I’m also positive there is or will be more purpose to it but this is what gave me the idea.

Also i’m new to this forum so i hope this has not been requested before and that i put this in the right place :slight_smile:


If a user isn’t respecting your rules a better solution would be to timeout or ban that user. That would stop them to be able to request songs.

Your other option is to increase the request userlevel to Regulars instead of Everyone.

I dont mind people being wierd in chat but to put wierd music on for me i do not want, and i would prefer just to revoke them request power.

Option #2 would be appropriate, if there was a way to make “Regular” the default user level and then have the ability to just change it to everyone if needed

I understand but there are no intentions of creating a new userlevel that is below the base Everyone role.

Thanks for answering

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