Subscription emote gone

I don’t know what I changed but I no longer can view subscriber emoticons before a username. I did a search and didn’t find the answer so I apologize if it has been answered and I didn’t find it. Does anybody know what I can do to get them back?

I don’t know what subscriber emoticons you’re referring to, since “subscriber emoticons before a username” does not make any sense. Emoticons can only be used within the message sent to chat.

I’m talking about when you subscribe to a channel and get that little badge/emoticon and it’s in front of the name of the subscriber. Like with turbo, there’s a sword then the persons name, then the message they just typed. None of those are showing up anymore.

BetterTTV does not remove or modify subscriber badges. If your badge is missing, it’s because you unsubscribed from a channel.

That’s impossible. I only changed to not accept whispers in BetterTTV when this happened. I am a subscriber and the room is always in subscriber only mode. Suddenly the person lost thousands of subscribers? In every chat room?

Unfortunately since the “issue” cannot be reproduced, there’s nothing we can do for you. It’s not BetterTTV causing this issue. You can try clearing your cookies/cache and/or uninstalling all other add-ons that modify Twitch.

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