Subscriber notification not working

Hello I followed all the guides and everything for the sub notification… if I do the %preview thing it shows up… I have had people subscribe and it doesnt show up when they subscribe… any help out there for me?

We meet again tarfu.

Have you installed our repack of CLR browser? can be found here.

we suggest using ours because it is the most compatible with our alerts.

Yes I did, I re installed everything also. Do I need to have a special NightDev program open for it to work?

no, not at all.

If you followed every step in the walkthrough and have the right link and css in the clr browser aswell as making it 580x110. It should work. Downside is we currently don’t have a way to send a test to the alert unless you use &preview=true. I remember night saying this

At the beginning of the hosted URL you received, change

Unfortunately when I made the change to only secure pages, I didn’t realize that the subscriber alerts were loading from an unsecure API.

so you might want to try that aswell.

yep tried everything you suggested… I read all comments about this on the support forum I checked Reddit. I am the only one in the world with this problem.

Well just keep checking back if Night or another dev can shed some light on this. Sorry for not being able to sort this out.

It worked last night for one sub then I started streaming now and it didn’t work, the settings are the same. I add &preview=true it works fine… am I missing something else?

if it was worked last night, it could just be a twitch or socket issue. Like I said, Night or another dev might have to look into it or comment on this.

yeah but it worked for one guy out of 14 subs this week. I did have this forum open on a tab though LoL dunno if that is the fix.

having this forum open doesn’t help alerts lol Once again, sit tight and wait for Night or a Dev to pop in and give their sites.

It would appear so.

The system is working normally. How about posting some OBS logs

How do I retrieve the Obs logs?

It worked yesterday for two subs now today I just got a sub and didn’t work and nothing has changed.

It’s hard to say what is going on without OBS logs. There is a menu item to open them, though I do not have the exact name on-hand.

It’s hit or miss now but more stable so I guess it just fixed itself, maybe since I just received my sub button.

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