Subscriber command help

Is there a way to make subscriber commands to Nightbot?

Yes. When creating the command you just have to change the userlevel to ‘Subscriber’, which will make it so only channel subscribers have the ability to trigger the command.

So like “!addcom -ul=subscriber” ?

If you’re using the older version of Nightbot, then yes !addcom -ul=subscriber !command response should work fine, however I’d recommend upgrading to the beta version of Nightbot as it’s much better than the older version.

In the beta version, where do you put the “$(subscriber)” in the command to make it work?? I tried !addcom $(subscriber) !commandname and it didn’t work. It showed up as "$(subscriber) as the command name.

The correct syntax would be !commands add !command -ul=subscriber response. You can read through the !commands documentation to learn more about creating, modifying, and removing custom commands via Twitch chat.

Thank you! It all worked out :slight_smile:

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