!subs Not Working

keeps saying it doesnt have authorization have tried logging out and back in and still having the issue.

Hiya, can you please try logging out and back in again, some things have been updated meanwhile.

I am having the same issue.

I have tried to both logout and part the chan, but don´t change it.

String : $(twitch yourchan “Jeg har {{subscriberCount}} subscribers”) But this dont work.
But I know my buddy is using the same string, and on his twitch it´s working.

Okey my !subs commands just started to work again. :slight_smile:

Due to an internal service upgrade we changed the scopes we requested during Twitch authorization. Unfortunately sub count requires Twitch’s old API, which uses an older, deprecated scope. Earlier today we re-added that scope, so logging in again should resolve this issue for you.

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