Sub/Regulars roles not syncing in discord

Trying to configured Nightbot/Discord in a partnered channel to assign Twitch subscribers the Subs role in discord and Nightbot regulars to the Regulars role in discord but nothing seems to be happening.

Nightbot has “manage roles” permission and is also placed above the roles we are trying to assign the users.

The chat is fairly active in addition to waiting several hours for the automated sync to occur.

Is there any further troubleshooting steps i can take?

Thank you for your response.

In addition to the above, we have tried reconnecting the Nightbot to the server several times, but the roles will still not sync.

Nightbot does not have the capability to sync Twitch subscribers, sorry. That’s a native integration Discord has. The broadcaster needs to link their server to Twitch from the server settings.

As for regulars, syncs happen every 15 minutes, the server must be active within that time frame for a sync to occur, and users must have linked their Discord account with their Twitch account.

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