Sub goal command help

I’m trying to reach a goal of 5 subs. So I tweaked a code I found on here but I’m not sure why I need a 7 for the eval. I have 2 subs now 3 if you count the auto sub to yourself. Here’s the code:

$(channel) is $(eval 7 - $(twitch $(channel) “{{subscriberCount}}”) - 1) subs away from reaching his goal of 5 subscribers!

So currently in chat shows I’m 3 subs away from 5. Now if someone subs will it change to 2 or count the other way?


The expression for the number of subs left is:

sub goal - sub count

The sub count includes the auto sub to yourself, so subtract 1 from the sub count:

sub goal - (sub count - 1)
sub goal - sub count + 1

Your sub goal is 5:

5 - sub count + 1


6 - sub count

Therefore this is the response you need:

$(channel) is $(eval 6 - $(twitch $(channel) "{{subscriberCount}}")) subs away from reaching his goal of 5 subscribers!

Right now you have 3 subs (including the auto sub), so the $(eval) result is 3. When you get a new sub, the result will then be 2.

Thanks for the explanation! I really appreciate it!

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