Sub Count Tracker

Is there anyway to make a nightbot command that will keep the track of the sub count on the channel? :slight_smile: !subcount 289 is currently subscribed etc

You can make the following Nightbot command:

$(twitch subcount) people are currently subscribed.

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can you do the same with followers? so people don’t have to reload the page to see it?

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That would be awesome indeed Chapmaster12.

It’s not really useful for a bot to give the follower count. If you use our other product BetterTTV, you can type “/uptime”, “/viewers”, and “/followers” in chat to get the latest counts.

Is there a public list of all of these commands? Features lik /massunban or /localsub aren’t in the easiest places to find.

There’s not a public list at this time, but we will probably eventually have this emitted in chat when you type “/help” or something.

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