Sub Count - Dashboard

I’ve contacted Twitch about this since my current subcount on the “dashboard” is gone. You can see everything else, but for a couple of months ago it went away.

They said it’s prob something that BTTV has added? Anyone know how i can get it back, it doesnt show.

I know i can see subcount on partnership, but want to see it on the dashboard aswell.


Any chance you can provide an image? I just checked my dashboard, with BTTV, and my subcount and image displays perfectly. This could be as simple a cookie and cache clearing issue. You could always try that before providing an image. Thanks.

I tried remove cookie/cache, didnt help the problem.

Here is the picture:

Im assuming no one knows then? =/

Bear with us as we are looking into this.

Have you tried disabling bttv?

Most likely because your language isn’t set to English on the Twitch site it is causing the raw parsing of your partnership page to break.

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