Stuck on "Connecting to Night's chat socket server..."


Love the OBS Chat. Works like a charm, except recently I’ve been experiencing an issue.
Today when I started my stream, I got the following:

Chat: Loading emotes and badges…
Chat: Connecting to Night’s chat socket server…

And then it gets suck there. Forever. It will occasionally get stuck on loading emotes and badges as well. The URL that I am using is:

This works perfectly when I put it into my google Chrome. Also, if I use it on other Twitch channels, it loads instantly.

It only fails to load on my channel. Any ideas?



[ps, this may not be related but I can’t log into this website with my twitch account as it says that I may have clicked unauthorize?]

Your channel loads fine for me, so I’m not sure why you’re having issues.

Upon restarting my computer it fixed. Oh well! Thanks.