Stuck in BTTV Beta after clearing cookies

Hi I accidentally clicked on the BTTV beta recently and can’t seem to get out of it. I would like to revert back to the way it was before, but it won’t let me. I know the other forum posts have mentioned to clear cookies and cache, that is exactly what I did. After clearing my cookies and cache, it did revert back to the way it was with the original settings available. However, when I logged into my Twitch account it put me back into the beta mode. Hopefully the issue can get resolved somehow, thanks help would be much appreciated.

You’ve most likely been forced into the Beta. Enjoy the updated BetterTTV.

So there is absolutely no way to revert back? Also some settings are missing from the orginal BTTV, will those be implemented back in somehow?

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You’re unable to revert back, correct.

As for settings, there are a few requested on the Github Issue page. Some of the others are not planned to be readded (blue buttons, alpha chat badges, scrollback amount, etc.).

Damn ok I see, also had one more question since I’m in the beta mode will future updates still roll through? Also will everyone eventually have to update to the new version or does this only happen when you turn beta on.

At this point in time v6.8 isn’t been updated in quite a while. All updates including bug fixes will be updated in v7.

Currently, 25% of BetterTTV users have been forced into the Beta, in time everyone will be forced into v7 eventually.

Alright thanks for clearing things up, much appreciatied! :slight_smile: