Struggling to use variables in alias commands

The default command to request a song for the auto dj is !songs request {youtube link}, and i would like to add an custom command so that people only have to write !request {youtube link}. It said i had to put in a variable at the end of the alias command, in order for it to work, but ive tried the variables which make sense to use and none of them give the desired effect when requesting a Kpop song, from the band Twice:
I’ve tried $(query) but it gives an error message saying the song is over 10 minutes (the requested song is not)
I’ve tried $(1) but it plays a WWE video
I’ve tried $(querystring) but it errors and says the song is too long
I’ve tried $(song) but it plays the same bruno mars song
and I’ve tried $(request) but it plays a dancing video

I’m really not sure what i need to use, and i am new to using the nighbot, so i apologise in advance if my question has already been answered/ is very obvious

to add a custom command that would allow people to search for their own songs it would need to be added like this

!commands add !request -a=!songs request $(query)

Where !songs is the only piece in the alias field. If you are still having issues could you provide the channel that is running into the issue

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