Street Fighter V Rank Command

I’m looking to create a command that uses the Capcom Fighters Network website to return rank/favorite character/etc. information about either the streamer or a viewer if they enter in their own CFN username. Any help would be appreciated thank you!

Here’s an example for my profile, I’m not sure how to pull the information off the website.

If it’s not possible I’ll probably just settle for creating a command that returns the link to said person’s profile.

Unless they have a public API available it’s unlikely you will be able to pull exact information. If you just want to link to someone’s profile you can do something like

!addcom !profile$(1)

My guess is they don’t have a public API available, thanks for your response.

This might be a little off topic from specifically nightbot commands. But would you know a way to create a simple online public API information sheet that a nightbot command could access to retrieve, for example, frame data on a specific move from the game.

Like is it possible to just create a Google Drive Sheet where a command such as “!frame light punch onblock” would return a number related to that?

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