StreamtipAlerter app won't download

Not entirely sure why, but when attempting to download the steamtip alert software, it starts going fine, but then fails with a “Network error” in chrome. I have tried multiple times to get it downloaded to no avail. Chrome also won’t try to recover from the failed download and I have to click the link again…

it finally woke up and fully downloaded, not sure if it was just me, or if the download server derp’d for a bit there

I’m having the same problem at this moment.

Based on your response, it should fix itself… eventually?

There could be some packet loss going on due to the sheer amount of traffic going through the server at the moment. This won’t be a problem soon enough, as Streamtip is moving to its own server.

I’m having the same problem now :frowning:

It’s annoying and I hope it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

This thread is from July. Any issues downloading the alerter would be due to issues with your internet connection. You can go to to test for packet loss, and then complain to your internet provider if the test shows you do have packet loss.

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