Streamtip Tips/Data Reset?

On my Streamtip dashboard, everything from today has reset.

All my donations from the past couple of years are not displayed anymore.

Day and month are all £0 even though I had donations come through today and are showing on the alerter.

See gyazo:

Was wondering what happened and how to resolve?

I have the same issue today after a stream.

Yeah, exact same as you dude, says joined today but been using streamtip since 2014. We will wait and see i guess

Twitch is returning user ids now as strings (an unannounced change), which has rused our server. I’m working on a fix, should be out soon™.

The issue was “resolved” shortly after my previous post, but due to the nature of the problem some users had duplicate accounts. All accounts have been merged that were created, and this issue is now officially resolved.

Excellent news, thankyou so much!

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